Frequently Asked Question

Hardware and Software

1.  Where can I buy Astro Mobile products?
You can buy Astro Mobile products online or from the shop addresses on the website
2.  How do I buy a product online that I saw in a shop?
Not all our instore products are available online, but you can search for them on the website using keywords like the product name and if they are available you can buy them online.
3.  How do I know where the Astro Mobile stores are located?
Click on the shop locator and select the shop closest to you.
4.  Where do I get my Astro Device repaired?
You can visit anyone of our repair centers or search on our website for a repair center near you.
5.  Which faults are under warranty?
Our warranty is on factory faults only, once you have any faults that are due to human error will not be covered under warranty and you will have to pay for the repairs.